PICC STAT - PICC Placement Specialists. PICC Placement Specialists.

The leading specialty provider of PICC lines to patients at their bedside.

OUR MISSION is to make a positve difference in the care of patients, the efficiencies and economics of the health care system, and the environment that value the core philosophies of nursing.

OUR VISION is to transform a highly fragmented health care system throughout the nation and bring about real change in the quality, safety and efficiencies in the delivery of patient care.

Over 15,000 PICCs Placed

How to achieve the highest quality healthcare? “It will require all purchasers of health care . . . to appreciate that it is possible to buy health care based on value, the same way we buy other products and services. The price of not doing so is far too high.”

Source: NCQA Report State of Health Care Quality: 2003